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  GTA's financial market data feeds and delivery platforms offer access to China's largest collection of historical data covering the most recent working day, including intraday and closing exchange pricing, fundamentals including company financial statements, corporate actions, estimates, ownership, etc.
  GTA real-time data feeds cover all China market exchanges (Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanghai Financial Futures Exchanges and various China commodity Exchanges), market data (end-day and intraday, bids an offers) including equity, fixed income, foreign exchanges, index futures, warrants, indices, commodity futures, and level 2 consolidated order books for the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

GTA E-China Plus is the premier China financial market data and analytics platform for both institutional and individual investors. It offers a desktop solution to institutional and individual investors around the world in-depth, streaming, real-time and delayed data and news for China financial markets including stocks, futures, warrants, F/X, fixed incomes, indices.  Essential analytics and unique market information allow you to react more quickly and make rational decisions.   The ChinaPlus provides the unique functions of pre-defined screens or easily create your own to view the content you use most often. 

Stock Market Data
It covers comprehensive China stock market data, including end-of-day prices, volume and computed comparable prices of all A shares and B shares companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 1990 to present.  
Financial Statements
It covers all China listed companies in standardized financial data presentation since the data became available (1990).  
Intraday (level 1 & 2) Data
It covers stocks, funds and bond top 5/10 bids and ask prices from year 2000 onwards. The data is updated every 6/3 seconds.  
Fund Market Data
It covers trading data, indexes, yields, durations, convexity and other ratios of China listed bonds from year 1996 to present.  
Bond Market Data
It covers trading data (also comes with comparable prices), financial data, portfolio composition information, and fund management information of all funds in China since 1998.  


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